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Xe Inlet Manifold Pipes, Etc


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The manifold on the XE has 2 breather pipes coming out of the manifold, and another out of the centre of a banjo bolt with what looks like 2 water pipes coming from it.

One of the water pipes goes back to the inlet by the top alternator bracket, where does the other one go?



One of the breathers goes to this thing, where does the other pipe from this unit go?



Do I just block off the pipes that seem to have nowhere to go?



This unit is underneath the manifold, I believe the large pipe connects to the power cap.  Does this have to stay underneath the manifold or can I move it as it touches the water pipe?







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Water pipe returns to the rad, solder a return into the top to take the pipe.

Breather pipe goes to carbon tank but it's not required, just keep the unit plugged in and forget about the pipes.

Idle control valve, if your pipes are correct it won't need moving but I cant see a problem in doing so. It has to be connected to the power cap.

I hope my memory has served me well  :ph34r:

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You don't have to put the second one to the rad.

I just blanked mine off, been like that for years now with no problem.


Its there to help bleed air out of the cooling system back to the expansion tank on the astra/ cav

I always bleed the air from a couple of points when filling up and have never had an issue.

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