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We Have Started With Strip Down.

Caprica Jonny

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Managed to get a weekend of and kids with wife... So Manta time...


Started with the strip down.


100% turbo engine after going for a ride in mickappy red monster... wicked beast that!!


In the process of stripping back to bare shell, then media blasted..

Thought I would add a couple of pics,,....


">http:// ">http://1_1131_CIMG6767.jpg


">http://p> <p><a data-ipb=">//i887.photobucket.com/albums/ac73/jonny_robinson/Manta%20Project/Screenshot_2014-08-23-07-58-32.png' alt='Screenshot_2014-08-23-07-58-32.png'>










">http://p> <p><a data-ipb=">/albums/ac73/jonny_robinson/Manta%20Project/DSC_0517.jpg' alt='DSC_0517.jpg'>













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is this not the one from inverness?????????????meant to be really good nick bud!

I'm sure it is and the guy that had it before LOVED stonechip even the skirts were stonechip coated into the body! I saw it when i collected some parts from him last year in Moray. Best of luck with the rebuild looked a solid base :thumbup

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As the stip is well under way with what little time I have free at present...


I have come across an issue/.............


As I am removing the plastics they seemed to be stuck, on closer inspection I have found the the back bay has been tarred! Yes, tarred.

Does anybody know and anyway to remove this stuff!!!!


Its about 5mm think coating.... you can see where I've chipped it away.. The joys of owning Mantas





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