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Omcn Vessem 2014, The Road To Holland.


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Well folks we are back from the Dutch manta club weekend in Vessem, Holland!


Had a fantastic time again, weather was brilliant dispite an untrusty forcast.


Charlie Middleton went with me and we were the only brits there. I heard Ian couldnt come due to work commitments (dont worry old chap, there were no "exciting events" this year ;) )


Manta did a total of just under 1200 miles, and with a last minute crank seal, gearbox change and service, ran faultless apart from a rattly exhaust, sticky lifter and HIGH fuel consumption!


Watford gap services, no electric needed here charlie.....





The M1, busy as always for a thursday afternoon






Dover Docks





Arrived at Vessem, DCR base camp very welcoming!







A series cabrio





DCR line up Friday night




For anyone thats seen Manta Manta,




On the road run saturday. How often do you see an A series on the road, let alone 2 in a row!





The concours on sunday, lovely cars as always including 3 TE2800.




More pics to come

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Hi Steve,


Was a greet weekend at Vessem,my car is at the last picture the ocker/black TE2800.

There were not three,but four TE2800,maybe i'll drive in 2015 to Billing,my last visit there was 1992.




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Hello Steve,Ben


I was also in Vessem, but not in the middle of the crowd. I can remember Steve's CC standing at the end on the other side...

The weather was fine, the conditions on the camping also, so the weekend was fine.

Sorry we didn't spoke, next time!!


Grts, Herman.

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