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Door Rebuild


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I had a number of doors, on closer inspection all were in bad shape, bog and rust.

so I decided to take two two door frames and have them media blasted and epoxy primed

I ordered two new door skins from the Netherlands, GM originals.

I also used 2k bonding along the seams to strengthen and seal rather than weld.

I had a good friend make up new panel door cards which will be finish painted.

I am not a panel beater or a mechanic, but this is what I did in my shed.

There are other repair options for the Manta, I chose to do this one as it was the easiest one for me in NZ.


Everyone has an opinion on this subject, I am only posting this to share my experience after finding it very hard to find any decent information to give confidence at tackling such things.


Key Board Mechanics or Key Board Panel Beaters  if you don't like what you see then please take the time to create your own thread and show us all how you did it with your own pics and ideas.







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Very good job you done on those doors Derek, I notice that you didn't have any rot on the lock side of the doors,now that is a big bonus, cos I have seen many doors with that area rotting away, and just don't understand how water can accumalate on a vertical section like that, was there any sign of rust on the inside of the door in that area?

                                               I have a door that I'm thinking of re skining, not that I need a door at the moment, but it's always a good policy to keep some spares in the loft!

                           All the best N8


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