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For Sale - Main Beam Inner Headlamp Opel Manta A Series


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On offer is a single headlamp, suitable as replacement for the inner (main beam) unit on the Opel Manta A series. Manufactured by Hella, it has the following part number on the glass - 14464 R8 and both the box and the unit are labelled as - 1F3 002 425-011.

It is designed to accommodate the H1 lamp unit with the single small spade connector and a similar connector for earthing. For UK Manta owners that will correspond to the SR/Berlinetta models and not the base model Deluxe normally fitted with the 1600cc engine.

I appreciate it can be quite confusing with all the different model options on the Opel Manta, especially as many cars will have been modified from their original specification over the years. To clarify matters I have prepared an article, which can be found here
Changing over to the H1 from the H4 type will require new connectors of the appropriate type; a 5 minute job with a crimp tool if you know your way around electrics.

So what are the advantages of H1 Halogen units?

Easily upgraded.... the H1 lamp is not only available in the standard 55 Watt output but also uprated 75 watt and 100 watt versions. It is the correct original styled replacement part... so good for Concours competition purists.

This part is available for £35.00 which includes delivery costs. I will include a very clean salvaged rubber moisture protector boot and it will be substantially packed for safe arrival.
Do ask if you are interested in stainless steel M4 retaining screws to replace the awful mild steel original parts; or backing plates, trim rings, beam adjusters or many other similar items I have in stock.

I am giving priority to OMOC members and friends by listing here first, but after that it will be offered on eBay and elsewhere. Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries. Otherwise you can click to buy here.



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