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Manta Coupe Autoplas Rear Louvre.

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 the photo looks very much like it's a coupe set of Louvres, non-parralle sides curved lower edge. there was Louvres for coupes for sale at the OMON Show in the Netherlands last year, nearly bought some for my 1976 Gold Coupe ( pictured left )  they are so period seventies and would save the top of the rear seat from sun damage.

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 Fermanta - those ariels are wrong... for that authentic 70's look you sould have a huge wip ariel on the front wing bent back and clipped to the gutter !! also deffinately need to 'jack' the back end up !!

 You could get some spot lamps and Dixie horns, there must be loads more 70's 'tat' that would to making that authentic look, ( you could even grow side burns and a porn star moustach and dress in a frilly shirt, flares and platform boots.... )

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Cheers Mantaman, seriously ;)


Would love a whiplash aerial, already have fancy horn that plays five or six different tunes but it's only a ten pound jobby of ebay. Would like an 80s 'bullhorn' one. Already have a set ot two up two down spotlight brackets. Want to get a set of brackets copied from them before fitting, and hoping to find four nice Cibies. Not keen on jacking her up though, a step too far maybe, even for me. Not sure on the sidelocks & tash either....... :D

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