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Thinking Of Selling Manta A, Whats The Value?


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Hi all,

I am thinking of selling my Manta A, only have vague idea on value, any help would be appreciated. Will try to get some pictures up for you all to see. It was fully restored over 8yrs ago, its a 1.9, good body work, although paint needs touching up in places, running, although currently off the road. The OMOC sticker comes free with car. :)  Also many spares with car.

What price range am I looking at for sale?

All information very much appreciated, Thanks.


Pics below, as no idea how to post on page,



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No expert, but any A with an MOT in reasonable condition I would guess £2.5K area

Typical A Ball park £2K to £8K at a guess depending on how good it looks in person, how solid it is and whether a load of money has been poured into it or not. The top end of the scale is cars that are better than when they left the factory.

There is some overspray on the front right tyre and the sills look to have had pattern sills. The market varies a lot and you can't really value a car from pics

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I am no expert on A values but based on what "Mantney" achieved recently yours looks to be worth around £3000 without an MOT (as long as there is no major reason it would not pass an MOT) especially as there are spares that come with it.


With an MOT the value would rise to possibly around £4000.


The big difference in price between No MOT or full MOT is because the car can be driven away by any prospective purchaser instead of having to factor in transportation costs also it gives some confidence as to the condition of the car.


Pictures of the interior & engine bay area would help with the sale also pictures of the restoration will help with the sale,


To help with the sale & to try to present the car as well as possible, overspray on the front tyre does not look good to a prospective buyer, suggest you put some tyre black on the tyres to help the sale.


Looks a potentially nice "A " GLWTS

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Thanks for advice and info, will get it through an MOT in next month or so, also tidy up some miner details like overspray, will also post pics of restoration, engine bay and interior when selling.

Glad to have some interest already re: Smiffy post, also have about 5 people that have seen car previously interested, but needed a ball park figure in mind, so appreciate help with that.

Think I will take Rekord's advice and get an MOT on it before sale, if this increases price so much.


Thank you all very much for the time in replying and watch this space if interested in buying.

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Just wondering about the value increase due to MOT. In Ireland cars are MOT exempt (we call it NCT here) if they are pre-1980, so this doesn't apply to any A-series here. Can an MOT really add 33% to a cars value? I can understand the 'it's ready to drive away' reasoning, but it's a big jump from 3k to 4k? I would have guessed around 3k myself, so was a bit surprised that an MOT might  add so much. Is that other peoples experience too?


(Dave, I'm not trying to run down the value of your car, genuinely just curious!)

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I would say an A in good solid condition with a few minor blemishes/niggles and a recent MOT would be worth around the £5000 mark. Obviously without seeing the op's car it's hard to value, I do notice it's not got the chrome arch and sill trims fitted, and there are no pics of the interior.


With regard to Moodoo's query, I'd say that any car being sold without an MOT over here the question would be why? Does the owner know that there are problems that would prevent it passing, or has it been off road for some time and may well need a lot of recommissioning? So a car without an MOT would be seen as being more of a project.

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