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Pedal Box / Servo?

bris jas

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Just a quick question regarding fitting a remote servo to my bias pedal box set up.


I've never had great brakes since installing this set up, they stop but no lock up. Running Saab front calipers and volvo rears, master cylinders are correct as mentioned before.


Friend who had similar problems on his kit car fitted a remote servo and seemed to sort his brakes.

I would have to fit a dual system or 1 to the front and 1 to the back.


Any thoughts on this?

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No they won't lock up on tarmac/concrete, gone through everything with the braking system checked and double checked and all is how it should be.


From what i've been informed a 1.2 ratio servo will put double the pressure to the brakes from what i can press, the calipers i have front and back are both from vehicles fitted with servos.


If not servo i'm lost to what it can be?

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