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After much deliberation I've decied to sell what I reckon is one of the nicest Mantas I've owned (our of 26!). Its a well known car in the club and I wouldn't be selling if I hadn't run out of money half way through building my garage.

Spec wise she's a standard black-bumpered B in bronze metallic with a brown vinyl roof and 5 speed conversion. I've just fitted a brand new Weber conversion and genuine mats, before that Rapierdave fitted new tyres and used her sparingly, and before that Stradacab did a lot of bodywork to his usual high standard and replaced the interior with an excellent set so it doesn't sag like normal. Before him its had a GM reconditioned engine and a lot of OMOC owners, some of whom came up to meet me at Billing this year!

The only two faults that I can find in 6 months of driving are a dry thrust bearing and a couple of 5p sized blisters on the NS arch.

She drives absolutely spot on, brakes well, pulls strongly all the way to the redline and idles smoothly. I've been using her as my daily driver but the groundworks on my garage cost a lot more than planned for so I need to get some cash in!


More pics at http://s50.photobucket.com/user/entwistlecymru/library/SGH71V?sort=3&page=1

I also have 3 mk2 Carltons for sale if anyone is interested!

Call me on 07885 911748 or PM me your number and I'll call for a chat

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