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Opel Manta For Sale £18,500 / 82,000 Miles

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That is a stunner and it is a GSI too, very rare. I think out of all of the Original and Unrestored Mantas I have seen this is definately one of the very best I have ever seen for sale. I think it might possibly be the best ever interior of a Manta I have seen I love it. What does everyone else think? 

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That's just funny. It's been painted as there's over spray on check straps and the coil sticker hasn't been put on right. Where they get the price from beats me. It's not rare either as they were known as GSIs over there instead of GTE. A rhd GSI would of been rarer but it's nothing special. Did the early GSIs come with Englemann mirrors? That car is worth 6k tops as underneath isn't as mint as you would expect for something so shiny on top. Keep glue sniffing Mr seller you never know :-)

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back in the day i owned E735DVJ,it was a manta gte h/back in polar white,my m8 had just come back from germany and had purchased a monaco blue coupe he was in the forces had a massive discount cos of the army and all that stuff,it was rhd badged as gsi with red decals and gsi on the recaro seats,the rocker cover and block were grey,it did have the englemann mirrors as well,my h/b was the obsolete to me as i had to have a coupe,b4 getting a coupe E680WVR,i went to the local vauxhall dealer jacksons back then,i turned my gte h/b into a gsi h/b replaced the decals with red ones and gsi logos for the seats,my h/b had white wheels and headlamp wash/wipe whith chicago trim,white dials


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