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Manta Coupe

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Glasgow Area


_86.jpg   Description

For Sale.

Opel Manta Coupe.
Car has just been fully restored after being stored for 22 years.
The car has no rust anywhere, the problem areas of a Manta I.e roof, swanning necks, sills, jacking points, arches, chassis rails, floor pans etc etc are all 100% solid.
When I bought the car I stripped all paint from underneath and had the car all treated so that rust will not develop then painted.
Has been treated to a new paint job in white and is absolutely stunning.
The engine has been changed out for a C20SEH from a mk3 Cavalier sri130. It has 134bhp and is a low mileage unit and bombproof.
It has all the sought after Manta 1.8 parts (winged sump, gearbox and mounts) that can be used in any 16v conversion.
I couldn't decide which direction to take with this car, it is way to good to be cut up far a 400 replica. I decided to just make it better so fitted a rear disc brake conversion and power steering for the big lightweight Rota Torque alloy wheels which cost a bomb and come with brand new low profile tyres.
The steering is adjustable for feel and on maximum assistance can turn the wheels with one finger.
The interior is nice and tidy and be if it's from a black headlining.
It has the full grey gte interior exempt the grey Recaros, it has a set of the sand check Recaros but it wouldn't be hard to find a set of greys, I just don't have the time to go collect a set just now.
The car has got to be one of the best original cars out there.
The car will come with 12 months mot, currently still putting the final touches to it.
This car cost an awful lot of money to build, I will not accept tire kickers or dreamers so id appreciate it if you don't waste my time with silly offers etc.




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