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Manta A Rebuild


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I have just stripped my Manta A 1.9 engine ready to send it to the machine shop for refurbishment. Everything is out of the block apart from the dipstick tube and a square plug at the back right hand side, looking from the front.

How do I remove the dipstick tube? Is it just an interfence fit? Is the plug a drain plug? It is not at all keen to move.


Any advice welcome as it is over 40 years since I did an engine rebuild :unsure: .



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Hi...I'm just nearing the end of my first engine build! The dipstick tube should press out from the top, using a big drift, or an old socket. Bear in mind though, that its really awkward to get it knocked back in square (at least I found it awkward), since there's no easily accessed flat surface on the tube to hit/press. The engine i'm building came in bits, and I had to put that tube back in. Only way I got it done was to get a local engineering place to make a hollow tube with half of it cut away, to slip over the dipstick tube. That made it easy to hammer back in. Mind you, if you're getting an engine shop to refurb the engine, they'll likely have more tools, and skills, than I have!

As for the square plug, I can't picture it. Is it in the water jacket?

Good luck with the rebuild!

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