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Anyone Have A 400 Rear Axle Bracketry Jig?

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Some more info:

I noticed there is a small L- folded piece welded between the original Manta chassis-rail and the 400 chassis rail.


It is 1cm by 1cm and 10.5cm long and curved to follow the chape of the rail.


this picture shows also the welded piece.

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Damo needed some more measurements, needed something that was compareble with the original

manta chassis. I stole a picture of Novasport because all the pics of 400 chassis are already

not suitable there they have slide-panels to protect the brackets etc...

@Novasport: sorry, it is because your chassis looks so good!


from the top centre of this bolt (going to the outside)in the left bracket to the centre of the water drain hole nr.2 is 68.7 cm.

from the top centre of this bolt (going to the outside)in the right bracket to the centre of the water drain hole nr.1 is 67.7cm.



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Maybe I do have to visit Northamptonshire...

(no problem for the help, next thing to do is cleaning and testing my fuel injectors.

think I have some dead horses in the engine...)

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Digging up this topic as I'm doing some "sorting out" regarding a few 400 rear axle related things.

Just measuring up on a good straight 400 road car with no known accident history etc so I can make a jig for locating the rear chassis rail sections on the 'shell.

This is now done and I have made a few observations, which largely agree with what's above but just thought I'd record them here for posterity and future reference!

The upper link brackets appear to be as near as makes no difference 12 degrees outwards from perpendicular with the axle tube.

The upper links are 296mm long between centres

Lower links are 16 degrees inwards from perpendicular.

Lower link brackets on axle are spaced further apart on 400 axle compared to commodore axle

Upper link brackets are closer together on 400 than commodore

Rear shock absorber mounts are higher up on lower link brackets on 400 compared to commodore.

Panhard rod mounting is different between 400 and commodore



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