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Manta Bonnets Free

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If you need the part then no distance is too far !

Yes true and believe me that logic applies to everything Mantas thats why I was showing an interest in going to the Essex pub meets even though im 3 hours away. People were telling me I was mad but like you said no distance is too far.

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If I had the time I would be on my way now but its going to be about a 13 hour drive each way and I only get 2 days off a week. Just think what an epic driving experience it would be to drive all the way up there to come back again :D

Thirteen hours!!!!!!!!!! What are you driving Jack, a road roller?!!!!!!!

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My bonnet is fine and I dont need a bonnet but as you know stacking up on spares is a good thing :) Also if you wanted a good home for them then im your man. When I said 13 hours to drive to Scotland I was talking in reference to when my friend went to pick up his Gold GT/Eand it took him 13 hours to drive back lol, and a half hour flight there.

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