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Manta B 1.9/2.0 Gte Engine Parts Needed


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Not 100% Manta but in need of some help.


Just begining the restoration of my Kadett C Saloon.


I am fitting the Kadett with a CIH 1.9s with 2.0 head in very high spec, made 170bhp in the Manta on injection, with the standard getrag GTE box I believe.


I was thinking to convert it to run off carbs and get a few more ponies out of it, also less wiring in the engine bay.


So I need a set of twin carbs, Weber 45 or Dellorto 45 or similar? And a manifold to fit them to the engine.


Also need a starter motor, alternator, pressure plate, clutch fork, engine mounts, exhaust manifold and propshaft to begin with.


Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry if this isnt in the right section.









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Hi Scott

I can help you out with an alternator, i will get some pics and sort out a price.

What engine mounts do you need?

And what size pressure plate are you after?


As to the carbs, you might find it a lot harder to get the old CIH setup to run as well across the whole rev range as i ran twin 45's and always had to compromise between running sooth at low rev as to top end. You might be ok with your setup but im going injection now :-)




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Hi Andy,


Thanks that would be great. I probably should work out what Amps ill need too, as I just thought a standard one might not be powerful enough for 2 big spot lights?


Im not 100% sure what engine mounts I need, I thought the original Manta B ones would do it.


I think its the standard GTE box so would use a normal pressure plate, will measure it.


Thinking on my original post, I should do a lot more research before asking for parts as I have very little knowledge on Opels/petrols.


That's interesting about carb vs injection, obviously injection is the more modern advanced method.


Can i ask for a bit more info on how you found it running on carbs and was that two sets of twins, ie 4 chokes? ? I plan to use my car for road rallies and hill climbs etc, so low/part throttle smoothness wouldn't be as important to me i think.


If I can get more useable power with carbs, I will have a full injection system and wiring loom ecu etc for sale if you haven't found the bits yet.


Thanks for your time.



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Hey Seamus

I will look out the alternator and see what amp hour it is. It was off of a 2.0l B so might do the job


Clutch wise, i have an 8" complete one off of mine and the pressure plate is good with not much ware,but the cover face needs some cleaning up so if the plate is any good to you i can part with just that. Again i will get pictures.

With the mounts im not sure what they ran on the B's?


My previous setup was in an A series.

1.9 taken out to a 2.1 running twin Dellorto 45's with a 2.0l fully ported big valve head. I only ran a fast road cam as it was for daily use and use to put out around 150bhp. 5 speed gte box with 8" clutch.


The motor was great, ran very well on the carbs and had lots of pull, but the did use to go out of balance which was the down side and i think i used far to big an exhaust. I ran a 4-2-1 manifold form a B modified and it was 2" into a 2" 3/8 system and it just seemed hard to set it up to have a nice pull over the rev range. but that could be the cam as well. You would get a flat spot and it was just working out the best place for it to be!! So i found the cam came in around 2'000 revs, would pull nicely until about 3'000 and then you would run through a bit of a flat spot until it came out of the other side of it. But once you got use to it you could drive around it. I think reading on previous threads i should have maybe run the standard manifold and a smaller system and might have got better results and maybe a slightly higher cam.


Lamchop77 on here is your man for engine questions.


Im all sorted for the injection as im running a full weber alpha system on the new one :-) with twin 45 throttle bodies!


I will dig out the bits and send over some pictures tomorrow night.






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