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1985 Gte Hatch Project


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Gauging interest in this one as i have too many cars and not enough room, its a 1985 opel manta gte hatchback. Has had lots of bits stripped off it over the years so theres not a great deal left, from what i can remeber its missing one front wing, all drive train, rear springs, exhaust, most of the interior has been removed but is mostly there minus the front seats, car is sat on steel wheels. It has had a fair bit of welding/plating about 7 years ago but still needs more, mainly ive noticed the rear panel is fairly rusty but tbh the rest of it doesnt look too bad, would be an ideal track toy, was on the road for a few months then parked up and used as a doner car for my cavalier, have two bottets for it, loads of spairs including bumpers, lights, engine blocks, 4 speed box, spare glass, instrument clusters, arb, bits of interior, fuel tank, heater ducting etc etc.

The car with all the spares i should imagine is worth £400 but am open to offers

car is in south wales and i will get photos this weekend


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