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Manta Shell Prep

Malcolm Walters

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    We are looking for some advice on prepping a Manta shell for rallying we are starting with a std 79 Berlineta shell and will be fitting 2.4 Vauxhall with a squential box, but its the shell prep we need some help with ie where it may need double skining boxing off and any alterations as you can tell we are not going historic but would like to use as much of the works mods as possible, we will be using an Atlas axle with fully floating ends but with Manta bracketry so basically it will be a Manta with a modern twist. Shell is pretty good and doesn't need much repair work and will be fitted with a 400 kit.


Ideally we would like to get in contact with someone who has a proper 400 car which we could come and see and take dimensions off if possible, we are based in South Wales but are willing to travel ! 


Thanks for any advice Malcolm

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Hi Malcolm I'm currently running a 400 hybrid ( check out Crookboys manta etc) it's a 400 copy built by Gerry Johnstone in 1986 but now runs a redtop thru ford 4 speed box to FF atlas. It's on 400 links at rear and conventional front end. I'm in staffs but you are welcome to visit

Cheers Simon

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