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Breaking Manta Sr Hatch


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Got a sr hatch coming this weekend.

I need a couple of bits off of it myself,but I dont want it to hang around for long. I wanna strip it and then get it gone.

So if anyone needs anything let me know before I bin it !

I know I'm supposed to price items but I don't get it till Saturday so I dunno what items are like.

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Yeah jack it is a shame but these breakers keep our cars on the road. It would b tough without them

I put your name against those bits. .

I'll let u know if parts u want are any good over the weekend.

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Hi there shame about breaking it but I am in desperate need of a complete lockset and alluminium strip for my GT/E Hatch. I will get them off you definately if the lockset is the same.




If the lock set is no good I now have a hatch lock set.



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Right I now got the car.

It looks like it's had a big slide and hit something hard with the o/s rear quarter.

I've started stripping it today and will finish it tomorrow.

Engine,front screen,steering wheel and wheels are gone.

Those who have requested parts I will photo them tomorrow and email u pictures( was going to do today but phone battery went flat !!)

It has black plastic bumpers,brown beige interior

Rear parcel shelf with side pieces is all complete

Some of the exterior trim is good

Panel wise it either dented or rotten apart from the tailgate and rear panel.

Inner wings both sides are good

Bulkhead looks good.

It's getting cut up tomorrow so if you need a piece cutting out let me know while the plasma is fired up !!!

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