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Self-Taught Automotive Small Coup


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Drive a car a long time will naturally encounter some glitches car, so-called "chronic illness into health." This procedure describes the self-study of the coup a few glitches.

     One small problem: the morning to launch the car shake.

     Small coup: the work is not good because individual cylinder, valve closed lax, the speed that running is a way but costs money, available in 3 or 4-speed high-speed multi-speed run for a while, the effect is the same. If the car does not shake, but shift the heat flow, and it is possible that the amount of fuel injection nozzle uneven, needs testing, cleaning.

2 small problems: feeling the brakes as before use.

     Small coup: a red light when the brakes with a strong step kicks turbocharger, can be effective.

     3 small problems: vehicle deviation.

     Small coup: the front wheel deviation direction or the other direction to increase pressure to lower tire pressure.

     4 small problems: the morning found the battery ignition energy shortage, starter up difficult.

     Small coup: Take a bottle of hot water down on the battery, turn off all electrical equipment, including off the door. Such as 5-10 minutes you can start the ignition, then drove to change the battery go.

     5 small problems: the door handle and tighten loose or turn the key, astringent.

     Small coup: to open the front door, the side you will see a plastic cover turbo manifold, from the open to see inside a screw loose a few laps from the outside will be able to pull out the lock cylinder, which has a pull button on the handle, adjust Pull the cord on it. Rear door seal screw blocked by hand poke before installing, grease the inside of the cylinder, so that the lock on the door handle and it will ease, restored as ever.

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