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1979 Manta B


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Here is my introduction and pictures of the car:


So the plans to convert the car to 2,2 with 45 Weber DCOE got more concrete lately.

Took the 2.2 apart with a friend of mine (he is 72 year old and has been tuning cih engines for the last 40 years, he does all the important work, I'm just helping an learning). He changed the bearings and gaskets of the block, overhauled and portet/skimmed the head.







engine + 5 spd getrag will be put in the car in april when its warmer.

also managed to get some square headlights with frames but I'm not sure if I want to keep them, kinda like the dual ones more now.



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just a small update:

got some BBS RS wheels, wanted them for ages :wub:




I still need to get the back lower,

And tomorrow I will pick up a set of green tinted windows.

I put the dual lights back on the car just to realize that I like the square ones more now and need to change them again. F*CK! I'm so stupid :D


Hope to get the 2.2 in the car by april.

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MOT on the manta ran out on 1st of March and it's the first time I have to get new MOT on this car (I own it since Nov. '13).

That's the time you shouldn't look at your car with eyes blind from love.

So last week I took a closer inspection on a few suspicious spots which turned out to be rotten of course:



at first obligatory picture in the sun, still thinking the shell is very solid. then some poking:





the last ten centimetres of the wheelarch: fibreglass, body filler and sealant



luckily the sills are good




after some cutting...



and welding



had to do the frontpanel too




of course both sides where affected



forgot to take pictures in between, but that's the frontpanel finished. that's where I'm now.


I will hopefully put it together on the weekend and replace the brakes with vented discs and calipers from Opel Rekord/Carlton 2.2i ones as the old standard ones are in pretty bad condition anyway.

I want to get it MOTed within the next few weeks and put the other engine in afterwards.

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