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Quaife Lsd


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I bought this diff from a chap on this forum but as my Manta plans have come together I have decided on a 2.2 engine which means I want to run a low ratio.

The Quaife diffs only fit the higher ratio CWPs so it is no use to me anymore.


£400 ono


The box indicates it is setup with full preload and 60/30 ramp angles...

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I don't know the history in terms of miles but I spoke with the mechanic who removed it from the axle for the guy I bought it from.


He explained that the axle wasn't wrecked or anything, he thought that the pinion hadn't been shimmed correctly when it was installed.  Having inspected it I would hazzard a guess that either the pinion nut wasn't staked correctly and worked loose or it wasn't torqued down correctly against the crush washer and allowed to much movement.

When I got it - I concluded that it was a sound diff - the gouges aren't heavy at all and there's no other damage that I could find.


Unfortunately the only reason I have to pass it on is that it won't fit the axle I need it too!

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