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Mk3 Cavalier Sri 8V, £995 In S Wales


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I was going to keep this one as it's a superb daily, but my dad's offered me his 24V Carlton estate so I need to pay for it somehow! It's an 8v SRi hatch with the 20SEH 130bhp engine, recently had a full service including cambelt and water pump and a new exhaust. Since I've had it I've fitted brand new rear springs and genuine GM brand new rear shocks, along with brand new front wishbones, discs, pads, CV joint and a wheel bearing. When I got the car it had been lowered (badly - two of the shocks weren't actually working at all and the springs were useless) so I've put it back to standard height. It also had a pretty awful cone-type air filter which I've swapped back for the standard airbox as it wouldn't even idle properly as it was. It's now a totally bog-standard car apart from the mk3 Astra alloys and a very nice Pioneer touchscreen DVD player.

Mechanically it's excellent - the engine doesn't smoke or rattle at all, even when cold, but the old Vauxhall 8v units are fairly indestructible. It genuinely pulls like a train in all gears, I've upset a few local boy racers with it. Gear change is tight and positive, clutch is nice and light as it should be. I've done about 3000 miles in it since the end of September when I bought it, and it's been a joy to drive. Easy 40mpg+, comfortable and reliable.

Body-wise there are a couple of areas which need minor attention - the rear arches are a bit ropey but not an MOT fail but I've got a pair of repair panels to go with the car. The rear chassis leg near the passenger side top spring seat may need some welding for the next MOT. Apart from that there are some age related marks and bubbles but nothing major at all. The sunroof works as it should, electric windows in the front work perfectly, the only things I can think of which don't work are the heated rear screen which is temperamental and works sometimes, and the lights on the heater controls. The interior is in excellent shape with only very minor wear on the driver's seat bolster (find one that hasn't got wear there!) and a slightly saggy parcel shelf. 

I've realised half way through typing this that I've never actually taken any pictures of it, but I'll get some on here soon. If anyone's interested I'm asking £995 and it'll be on here for a few days before hitting ebay.

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