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2 Manta Coupe Gte's And Loads Of Bits


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2x opel manta gte coupes one red one black ( black one non sunroof but dealer fitted with glass roof with storage bag, full history from one old lady owner!both need work black one needs transmission tunnel as it has been cut and enlarged was going Volvo power both 90% complete or build a good one from the two , and have loads left

over , 2x very clean early interiors , some performance parts ,Hi-Spec 4 pot caliper and disc/braide hoses cost £600, half cage , gaz shocks , poly bushes ,Full set of bronze glass.  30,000 mile CIH with ported head , kent cam , valve springs , solid lifters , Ashley 4 branch , a van load of assorted spares , gearboxes , another CIH , cylinder heads , genuine boxed oem parts , manta i200 backbox , original stickers , brand new side skirts , brand new front bumper , a load of manta memriobilia , wadingtons jigsaw , posters , beer coasters , colouring book, stickers,  red manta was total vauxhall featured 10 years ago and I've been collecting/hording stuff since then , I'm not even sure on all I've got but that's most of it EVERYTHING £5000 All stuff in Noth Walsham Norfolk About half mile from Courtenays! My sons cars and stuff


These are the two the next ones are as they were


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Hi there

I'm looking for a good carpet and head cloth for my car.

Are these available?

Also need a "GTE" badge for one of my seats and the interior door handle plastic surrounds that go in the door card?

Please mail me on rod@macfarlanefamily.co.uk

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Sorry not sure if my post worked or not so trying again.

I'm looking for a good carpet and head lining if they are available?

Plus a GTE badge for one of my seats and also the interior plastic surrounds that are on the door handles in the door cards?

Please email me on rod@macfarlanefsmily.co.uk

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