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Manta Gt/e Engine, Box, Axles, Etc. Etc.

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Hello All,


Big digging away in the workshop and after many weeks work I've struck Manta bits!


Got the following for sale so far. All these parts came from a 1986 / D reg 70,000 mile car in good working order:


Manta GT/E 2.0 CIH engine, fully dressed with injection system and loom. Has been sat for a while, turns smoothly by hand and compresses but the water pump sounds a bit iffy.


Manta GT/E Getrag gearbox.


Manta GT/E rear axle with torque tube, linkages, prop etc.


Manta GT/E front axle assembly complete.


Manta GT/E Recaro front seats, light grey with red piping, darker grey cloth. Good condition, a bit scuffed on the edge but no rips / tears.


If there's enough interest I'd consider breaking the engine and axles, but I'd want to see if anyone wants them complete first.


Drop me a PM or reply to this message if you're interested, or get hold of me via the DSG forum.



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Don't think I've got a 1.8 sump, might have a C2.0XE distributor set up (i.e. the belt drive RWD one from the 1.8). If I find either I'll let you know, but they'll be buried somewhere and will have to wait until I dig that deep so don't hold your breath though!




@taylorblue5, you have a PM

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Hi Harry, I'm considering converting an auto box Ascona B 2.0S to manual. Would you still have everything I can think I will need for the conversion? 


Flywheel, clutch, pedal box, clutch cable, clutch arm, release bearing, prop shaft, gear lever gaiter, gearbox, black centre console?



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Hello Nev, not sure I have. I'm still digging bits out, so I don't quite know what I have at the mo.


Flywheel - maybe but I don't think so;

Clutch - maybe, still sorting through;

Pedal box - don't think so;

Clutch cable - probably, but they're not dear on eBay anyway;

Release bearing - don't think so but there may be one buried somewhere, still sorting through. It'll be used though, so you might be better finding a new one; 

Propshaft - I have a Manta one for Getrag 240 but that should go with the axle, I may have an Ascona 2.0 4 speed one as I broke 3 cars but I haven't sorted out the props yet;

Gear lever gaiter - No;

Centre console - Slim possibility but I don't think so, still sorting through.


On the pedal box, compare yours against a manual car if you can. On the Kadett the auto pedal box is a manual one with the clutch pedal missing, may be the same on Ascona in which case you'll only need a pedal. If you can compare, look at the closing panel on the tunnel (where the gearshift comes through) and the gearbox mount positions as well, as they may be different and it might affect the decision. Also if you can check if there's a part number difference on the crankshaft. I found on the Kadett and the Vauxhall slant four the crank is different where the spigot bearing fits; I think in both cases I used the standard spigot bearing for the conversion but had to machine up an adaptor.

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Jon, no idea to be honest, but as I unearth bits I'll post them up or PM you direct. I'll put your name to a foglight if I find one.


Jim, same applies for the dizzy module, though to be honest I think it's unlikely - we only had one GT/E, and the dizzy and loom went with the engine. I'll let you know if I find anything though.

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