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I Shouldn't Have But Why Not !


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What is it? a Commy or a Rekord?


either way you need to be speaking to my friend Simon Downs aka stoneymanta on here ( i hope his user name still works )


 Simon is the restorer of the Red Commy that won the Chairmans cup at Billing four years ago, he is really into these cars and knows where all the parts go and where to get most of the parts.


I am seeing him tomorrow so i will mention this thread to him.

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It's a commy

Yes I've seen pictures of Simons car,very nice is an understatement !!

This one does come with all the parts,but of course I don't know there condition yet so sounds like simon will be a good contact !!!

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Took delivery today,

Interior looks good &complete

Sills &spare wheel well need welding

As you can see rear arches need work.

Got most parts with it but need front bumper and defiantly need seals for side glass

Guess I going to have to learn german and start trawling the net,good job I live near dover if I gotta collect anything !!!

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Guess I going to have to learn german and start trawling the net,


 You really need to make contact with my friend Simon Downs, he knows where to get most parts, apparently his log on this website in does not work anymore but if you send me a PM i have permission to pass on his email address.


 Looks like you have actuaally got a good one there, yes it has rust and grey primer, but metal can be welded, paint can be sprayed, interior trim for instance is as good as unobtainable, but yours appears complete and in good order, RESULT!

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Ok time for a little update.

I've finally sorted a dizzy cap out( thanks to turbo16n)

I still had to modify it with a dremmel !

So now it's running I've dragged it out of the lock up


It starts,drives and stops !! All lights,wipers etc work.

I've ordered new sills,and wheel arches. Other than that it needs a spare wheel well making up and a couple of patches on the offside front inner arch.

Will get it up on mates ramp over weekend to have a good poke around underneath.

So hopefully not a massive weld-a-thon.

Then paint and wheels. Not sure wether to stick with white or change the colour. But that's for another day.

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Davo, have you made contact with my friend Simon Downs? stonymanta on here, he really does know nearly everything about Commodore A's and he knows where to source what spare parts are still available, also he would be delight to hear all about another Commodore A


 Here's a link to his profile so you can PM him - http://forums.mantaclub.org/user/838-stonymanta/

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