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Hello There From Germany...

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I send a nice hello from germany, I found this Forum via goolge. I own a Manta B with Widebody Kit Mantzel Evolution, 

due to 285s on the rear axle it has a 3,0 24V engine to acclerate like it has to ;-)


I hope to have nice conversations and start up new friendships here...


best regards



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Hi Dennis, warm welcome to you, sounds like you have a nice Manta is it in the same colours as Manta Manta Mantzel Evolution kitted car?


I will be across in Germany in June to Opel-Treffen at Oscherleben (20th Anniversary), but not in my Manta as it still needs bedding in and tweaks to get it running right.


Looking forward to seeing some pictures and history of your car on the forum.



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I did not finish the Evo yet, so it doestn`t look shiny , but the plan is to get it done till July. UNfortuantely I cant go to Oschersleben this year,

because my son will be born around that time.

here are some pics: (some time ago I had 3 of them, I bought 2 of them "by accident"- I only searche for tires and called a friend who owned a Evolution. He mentionend he has got 2 other chassis for sale, so I bought 2 chassis and a set of tires. :D

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Hi Dennis, welcome to our Forum.


 Got a couple of Photo's of wide body Manta's at the OMON ( Netherlands ) concours weekend two years ago, not sure which kits they are, you possible already know them, i think they are from Belgium and they have been to our show in the UK.






 Incidently, Do you live in the North or West of Germany? the OMON event in September is just across the Border at Hoogeweg near Hardenburg, you can see Germany from the Campsite !!!

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Hi, yes I know these Cars, the first one is a Steppan Bodykit, the Lilac is Mattig.

I live in the north of germany, 80km to denmark. I think I wo`t get to many events this year although I want to.

My wife is pregnant and we will get parents in June  :wub:  I hope I get my Manta finished until then, cause time

will be even less then...

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