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Just Saying Hi


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Hello Dave and welcome to the best place for Manta Nuts.


 Do you have a Manta? if so post some photo's on here ( hosted on photobucket ) so we can all drool over them !!


 There are other members from your part of the world but also we are a good national club and we all gather at The VBOA rally, 11-12 July, at Billing near Northampton for a weekend of Mantas and beer !! *


 This is a must do event if you have sort of interest in Manta's or other classic Vauxhall / Bedford / Opels, even if you do not have a Manta on the road.


 * ( if you are from south Wales it is beer and Manta's !!! )

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 Hello BaHo - Messer


 ( or should it be Vano in the English alphabet ? )


 Where in the Ukraine are you? you must one of very few Manta owners in the Ukraine !!


 Do you have any pictures?  ( you need to host them somewhere like Photobucket and link them to here )


Welcome to our Forum.

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ДÑкую за теплий прийом )

(гугл не перекладе зміÑтовно ) ))) але надіюÑÑŒ ви зрозуміли )))


Так, Вано то українÑькою Ñ– звучить Ñк Vano, англійÑькою Ñ Ð·Ð²ÑƒÑÑ John )

Так(Да), в Україні влаÑників Manta не так багато, в оÑновному зі вÑіма знайомий ) І з кожним роком Ð½Ð°Ñ Ð²Ñе менше й менше.


Я намагавÑÑ Ð¿ÐµÑ€ÐµÐ½ÐµÑти Ñвій(my) "Бортовий журнал" але щоÑÑŒ не зовÑім вийшло, певно вдалиÑÑŒ в знаки Ñкладнощі перекладу (   (ÐнглійÑьку колиÑÑŒ знав більш-менш нормально та відÑутніÑÑ‚ÑŒ практики зробила Ñвоє діло)



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P.S. Маю надію що вÑе таки дороÑту до Ñвого " бортового журналу " на цьому форумі, проте, кому цікаво, можуть побачити Ñ–Ñторію моєї машини тут 


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I will post a translation of Messerschmitt's post -


 Thank you for the warm welcome)

(Google does not translate content)))) but I trust you understand)))

Yes, Vano is Ukrainian and sounds like Vano, English I zvusya John)

Yes (Yes), Ukraine Manta owners are not many, mostly with all the familiar) And every year we have less and less.

 I tried to transfer my (my) "logbook" but something does not work, probably resorted to the signs of the difficulties of translation ((English once knew more or less normal and the lack of practice did his work)


 And a translation of Vano's second post -


 P.S. I hope that still grow to its "flight magazine" on this forum, but anyone interested can see the history of my car here


 This translation was done using google translate which sometimes is too literal or even inaccurate.

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 Ð¢Ðµ OK Вано,

Thats OK Vano,


 Ñ€Ð°Ð´Ð¸Ð¹ з вами познайомитиÑÑ

 glad to make your aqaintance


To the other members of this forum it's worth taking a look through Vano's build thread, the side pipes might not be to everyones taste, but respect for fabricating your chassis rails, 5 stud hubs and using Astra MK5 headlamp units inside Manta square lamps to overcome the silvering problem.

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Welcome along, I actually quite like the look of this hatch with the sidepipes, it somehow works.

Thank you) Yes, these tubes are working
and have sound like bu-bu-bu )))


Just saying Hi.

My hubby and I both have a Manta and are looking forward to seeing more.

Brian, we got around to joining

Hello ! )))

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