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Swap Custom Cages Kit For Safety Devices Bolt-In

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Evening all,


I'm having a bit of a change of mind as to the future use of my project. I'm now thinking I may want a cage which I can remove/refit in the future.


Ideally I'm after the proper safety devices cage with rear harness bar (not a dash dodger one or one with a double bend in the front legs though...) - I'd be looking to swap it for my brand new T45 custom cages weld-in kit (like this but with proper X door bars: http://www.customcages.co.uk/Rollcage/LoadRollCage.castle?manufacturer=Opel&model=Ascona&type=Historic )


Any offers?





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I spoke to Safety Devices a little time ago Jason and they only make the manta cage with the double bend front legs have a look at the tech drawings on there site. I got a copy of the original homologation certificate for mine which apparently is enough to satisfy the MSA scrutineers for the moment at least.

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