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Another I200 On Ebay

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I did wonder whether it was the same one but the newly listed one is a little different even though its the same car. Is it me or maybe the angle of the picture but I cant see a sunroof and the other advert it did. The red dash has gone too along with the speakers in the door cards. Just checked again, thats really weird there is definately no sunroof in the newly listed one.

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Well spotted Jack, there are a few differences between the pictures of the car on eBay and the car and classic/oldenzaal advert.

So it looks like its two 1984 i200's from the same dealer who also has an i200 replica On the car & classic site. A little confusing especially as one of the i200's and the replica both appeared on eBay recently and then disappeared again,the i200 within a few hours.

A case of buyer beware or a confused dealer ?

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