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Manta B Voltage Stabilisers

i240 Dan

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Finally got round to clearing out my loft and found the remaining Voltage Stabilisers from a batch that I had commissioned someone to make a few years back. For anyone that is interested I have 7 Voltage Regulators left.


The guy that made the batch for me a few years back still sells stabilisers via eBay (item number: 281582253867), although with a slightly different design. He sells them for £12 inc p+p.


If anyone is interested I'm going to sell off the seven I have.


£8 each plus £2 postage (max 3 units per order)


Pay by cheque or PayPal


email: rastamandan@hotmail.com



Can't find the thread I made for these years ago, but I've linked the photos below.









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1 Danny

2 rutts

1 Neil Vose

2 Andy Jones (pending payment)

1 Jack (pending payment)

All accounted for at the moment.

Anyone still interested, email me and you'll get first dibs if Andy or Jack change their minds.

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Sorry Plumster, the last one has been offered to KAA.


I'm expecting payment from a couple of people today, but if it falls through you'll be first to know.


I'm sure you can message the guy on eBay and he'll make you one up for a bit more than I was selling these off for.



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