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1976 (P) Opel Manta B 1600L Coupe £3,800 O.n.o.


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Ok before starting this isn't may car I'm just hosting the pictures for Ben. Please forward all enquiries to Ben please


For Sale

Signal Blue
81,000 miles
£3,800 o.v.n.o.
Currently on SORN, but will sell with full MOT included in the price when sale agreed.
Location - near Lincoln
This is a very rare early Manta B Coupe, built right at the start of Manta B production in 1975 and registered in early 1976.  This is the only unmodified 1600L that I know about that's still on the road in UK.  I am selling the car to fund improvements to my other Manta (which I've had for 21 years) and due to simply not having the time to run and look after 2 Mantas due to family commitments. I would very much like this car to stay in the club and be appreciated by a Manta enthusiast.
Chrome Bumpers with over riders.
Clear glass.
Opening rear quarter lights (hinges replaced).
Blue Velour.  Charcoal Carpets.
3 clock dash with speedo, fuel and temperature.
Two spoke steering wheel
Period Radiomobile AM / LW radio with single speaker in dashboard.
No holes in door cards or rear parcel shelf.
More basic than the usual Manta B, with no intermittent wipe and no door pockets.
Engine & Gearbox
1600cc cam-in-head with Weber Carb and Manual Choke.  3-speed auto.
I purchased this Manta back in July 2009, at which time it had been off the road for 2 years and owned by a Manta enthusiast awaiting restoration.
Since then a large amount of work has been completed to return the car to a useable classic that has attended numerous classic car shows representing the OMOC.  The car has been garaged in a de-humidified garage since 2009 and used in dry weather only (yes I am a bit sad...)
Work Completed to date
Bottom end professionally reconditioned with reground crankshaft, new bearings and piston rings.
New timing chain and reconditioned oil pump fitted.
New Water Pump
New Alternator and drive belt
New engine temperature sensor
Head replaced (existing one was cracked and could not be repaired)
Re-cored radiator fitted with new oil pipes to Auto gearbox.
New mid-exhaust and back box section.
Internal Filter, fluid and pan gasket replaced.
Speedo drive oil seal replaced
Carpets replaced with good set of Charcoal-colour Manta B carpets. The previous set had been glued into place and had to be binned when the passenger footwell was chopped out and re-metalled.
Rear parcel shelf refurbished and re trimmed by professional trimmer. (Previous shelf was sun damaged and someone had carpeted over the vents!)
Dashboard is all black (not two tone as in later Mantas) and in good condition.
Interior light door switches replaced with new GM items.
Heater matrix replaced.
Fuel tank cover replaced with good used item.
Master Cylinder replaced with new.
Several brake pipes replaced with new.
Flexi hose to rear replaced with new.
Brake fluid changed.
Car has the early-type twin pot front calipers (no seizing caliper slider misery here!)
All 5 original steel wheels have been shot blasted and professionally refurbished.  Painted in the original silver colour as fitted to the "L".
New GM wipers fitted
Pressed Alloy Number plates (correct period size lettering) fitted.
Dunlop tyres to front.  Budgets on rear and spare.
4 new shock absorbers fitted.
The car has been professionally re sprayed by a previous owner back in the early noughties.  I contacted the owner and was advised that several new panels including lower valance, two front wings and rear arches were fitted.
Opel badged mud flaps fitted
The car is solid underneath and has been Waxoyled after various repairs were completed at time of purchase.
A record of all previous owners, sourced from the DVLA comes with the car, along with an original brochure and extensive history file covering all work completed since 2009.
Jobs that still need to be done
Some bubbling to bottom of drivers door needs attention.
Despite gasket and speedo drive seal changes the auto box leaks fluid when the car is parked up.  I keep a tray underneath when it's in the garage and a bottle of Dexron 2 handy.  Neither I or the garage have worked out where the fluid is escaping from - probably from where the kick down cable enters the box.  At the end of the day she's 40 next year and a bit of incontinence has to be expected.
Door pins could do with replacing.  I have a new GM set which will be included in the sale for the new owner to fit.
Call 07974 132143 for further details or e-mail me at Berlinettaben76@googlemail.com



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I have a question, why are you selling this Manta, if it was mine it is so perfect that i would never part with it.


I sent a picture to my Friend Richard Watt, owner of the oldest Cavalier MK 1, he has always admired this Manta every time he has seen it at Billing, He got caught drooling over the picture and got a servere rebuke from his other half about having too many cars already !!!

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Remember NOOP's 39th Birthday was actually on 2nd October 2014 Ben (the anniversary of the Thursday on which it was finished at Russelsheim in 1975).


I'm amazed someone hasn't bought this car already. If I was after a Manta, I'd have it back now if I had the space (and I suppose the dosh too...!)

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 The price of Manta's is something of a mystery, you can not find a buyer for a genuinely exceptional show winning Manta at under £4K


 Yet there are Classic car traders that are asking double this for hatches that are not perfect, and sometimes getting the asking price.


 Perhaps you need a wider audience, some other more general classic car websites and dare i say it... Fleabay !!!

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Ian has a good point, Manta prices are a mystery but in general if a car is under £2K then getting a sale is relatively easy over £3K it becomes more difficult especially if its not a facelifted 4 slot coupe.

I prefer 2 slot pre-facelift Manta's but it is a fact that they are not as sought after as later coupes such as GTE's or Exclusive's.

The reason that Ben has tried to sell his coupe to an OMOC member is because he would like it kept as it is and not sold to someone who would turn it into a 400R because it's got a good body shell.

I hope that Ben brings NOO to Billing for the 40th anniversary of the Manta B due to it being an early model, & it would be a good place to advertise it for sale.


Now that i have a buyer for my P reg Cav i might be looking for a P reg Manta  ;)

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It's very very nice, looks the same/similar colour as my old sadly departed NAD 357P  it said blue on the log book but the paint I bought never matched the code, I had to take the car to autopaint at the time to get one made.

Another Manta on here that I want! I need to stop torturing myself by coming on here until the house is sorted and perhaps plan for an extra garage or two :lol:


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Finally Ben !!

 Yes i do hope we see it and its new owner on the club scene

while not the most exciting spec for a Manta, it was joy to see

This particular Manta was not about the performance or spec but all about the quality which is absolutely A1

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