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Front Wings - Manta B


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More from the container !!, two front wings, they are not in a good state, ropey infact but they are not bent.


I was wondering if they were savable and nearly 'chucked' them, but it might be possible to repair them and they might keep another Manta going, doubt they would be suitable for use in a concours restoration.


£10 each !!! but of course the problem is moving them, sending by frieght might not be a good idea, they have little in the way of 'stiffness' so i they could get damaged, but if you can think of a way and these wing(s) will help you then let me know, call, Post or PM me.












As you can see there is a rust hole where the airdam retainer was, there are minor holes in the wing rail, one Fibreglassed which is also a fate that has befallen the front upper and lower areas, they are not large holes and someone with a little skill with a MIG Welder ( all Manta owners !! ) could make this into a reasonable wing.










 this wing has not been attached by fibreglass and has a larger area of 'rust hole', but this would be behind the airdam on later Manta's so repairs might not need to be within a fraction of a milimeter of perfect. Both wings though rusty at the bottom rear by the door sill have not got any holes there, only pitted surface rust.

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