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Daytona Rear Seat


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I've now got front seats just need rears now. .

Anyone got a rear seat for coupe or hatch.

I know the back are different but it's for my centaur so it will have to be cut down anyway.


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Hi Davo,


 Got a coupe rear seat set in Daytona check, the ends are very scruffy but if you are remaking them to fit a Centaur then perhaps this won't matter, pictures-




 seat base




 Seat back




 Slightly out of focus but shows the extent of light fade on the top of the rear seat, if you were remaking the seat this check section could be reversed so as the faded bit was at the bottom partially hidden by the seat base.




 Bottom corner of seat back




 top corner of seat back.


 The ends of the seat base are as scruffy but its the plain edging material not the 'face cloth' that is damaged


Any good to you? PM me and we can sort something out.

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