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Weber 32/36 Fast Idle Cam?


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Recently rebuilt the carb and sorted out all my vacum leaks in manifold etc. Got the car up and running and she runs great now apart from strugling to idle cold. Found out that it was missing the fast idle lever and drop link which i got from america [couldnt get them here] but must be missing some kind of cam to push the lever. Its not on any of the exploded diagrams or parts list but i can see there is something there from some pics ive seen but to hard to make out.


Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this and save me some time trying to make something up


cheers  Dougs

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Cheers mate it does prove there is something there, cant quiet make it out though although i assume its some kind of cam shaped object. The problem i have is its a closed sided bush that it would go on so really not sure how to make one and i cant seem to find the part anywhere

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Cheers for looking mate. Don't think that's what I'm after though. Got that diagram and the part I'm looking for should be inside of no 40 on the back of the auto choke housing

The second link just took me to webcon home page?

Thanks for the help though


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