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D475 Sdm The Manta That Made My Childhood

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I have not heard of D475 SDM since my dad sold him in 2001 ish and hasn't been on the road since 2003:


Vehicle enquiry

Registration number: D475 SDM
✗ Untaxed

Tax due: 31 December 2003


No details held by DVLA

New keepers must get tax before using the vehicle. Please be aware that if you have taxed, made a SORN or had an MOT in the last 5 days these details may not have updated.

Vehicle details
  • 6 month rate £126.50
  • 12 month rate £230.00
  • 6 monthly by direct debit totalling £120.75
  • 12 monthly by direct debit totalling £230.00
  • Monthly by direct debit totalling £241.50 (Monthly payment of approximately £20.13)
  • Vehicle make OPEL
  • Date of first registration 20 January 1987
  • Year of manufacture 1987
  • Cylinder capacity (cc) 1979cc
  • COâ‚‚Emissions Not available
  • Fuel type PETROL
  • Export marker No
  • Vehicle status Not taxed
  • Vehicle colour BLUE
  • Vehicle type approval Not available
  • Wheelplan 2 AXLE RIGID BODY
  • Revenue weight Not available

Does the revenue weight mean he has not been scrapped? I would do anything to see him again.... does anyone in the manta club know anything about this manta and know of its wereabouts?


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