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Seh Pistons


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Does anyone know the difference between 2.0 seh and c20ne Pistons if any ,

I know the seh compression is 10.0:1 and the c20ne is 9.2:1

Trying to work out witch Pistons are in the engine I have ,it's supposed to have the higher compression one's but not sure

The engine is a c20ne running 1.8e ported head and higher lift cam

Thanks brian

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The NE has a larger dish in the top of the piston and the SEH has a lot small dish, this is what gives you the difference in compression ratio


If your got a pic of the pistons post it up and will be able to confirm for you




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That great info ,thanks for your help Andy ,someone knew what they were doing when they built the engine ,it came out off a sunbeam rally car ,I had been told it had some tuning done but was unsure what,

So what I have is

N20ne block

20 seh Pistons

18e head

A hi lift cam off some sort

I have to go with it 4-2-1 tubular manifold ,set of twin 45's and a 1.8 dizzy altered to suit the carbs this lot should make 150bhp once it's set up ,I hope :)

Thanks brian

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in my experience that set up pinked its nuts off, no matter what i did with the distributor and the carbs . the cr was too high .

 but my block face had been skimmed a bit . and the pistons were slightly proud of the block face at the top of the stroke !!   they don't seem to knock the head off luckily 

I would recommend the 2.0 seh head for no pre ignition, with the 1800 cam shaft , or the one you have .

forget the dizzy look at that  , if you haven't already 


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