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Car Won't Run

tom child

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First step 2 P trick


Second step, check for spark (most times if when the ignition is turned on so ignition lights on (not cranking) if the rev counter needle twitches once you have a spark (or at least correctly powered coil amp)

Third step, Manta will start and idle with AFM wires disconnected (only idle will stall as soon as throttle touched)


The fuel pump runs through fuse 7 on a GTE, and those of you who have tried will know you can pull every fuse out of the box but 7 and a Manta will still run.

So what's the point? Well if your injection relay goes you can usually limp home like this, a copper coin bridges either fuse 6 or 8 to 7 to power the fuel pump. Leave the injection relay in place when doing this or the injection won't run.

Other uses:

  • Ran out of fuel and don't want to flatten the battery cranking while you wait for pressure
  • Emptying the tank / flushing new pipes
  • Finding out which is the feed if you don't trust going by pipe position
  • Some muppet connected an imobilizer / cut out switch badly
  • Fuel pump live will back feed to ignition, so you can pull the key out and leave the car running
Downsides, if its a poor connection the coin can get hot so don't melt the fuse box

No warranty implied or given.....

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Hi Tony have you checked that the air flow back up flap has movement (that's the bit inside the air flow meater ) fuel injection relay,inside distributor cap . it is a 2.0 lit engine ? Check air pipes to pressure reg ect.Have you put fresh petrol to the fuel system Cheers Wayne

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