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Manta B Door Lock


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I really need a lock barrel and key for the drivers side door.


i can't seem to post in 'wanted' but i guess my question is also if anyone knows if mk1 / 2 astra locks are the same?   many thanks!




(but if anyone has the drivers side or a set that would be great!)


thnaks again


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Sorry for the laye reply, basically before i got the car someone had a go at the lock. so it works but looks a bit of a mess with the outer sections being bent in and stuff



My fix for that is to get another lock, slide the barrel out, gently push the shiny cover off and retrieve the little door.

Without taking the original lock out of the door pull the shiny cover and damage little door off (it is not hard, a screwdriver hooked under the offending bit does it).

Slide the salvaged good cover onto your door key

Put the salvaged little door in position and slide the key in an inch so it stays in place

Slide the salvaged cover down the key and carefully push it over the barrel until fully home, do not remove the key before it is.

But that's just me, I recommend nothing.

(if you are lucky I may be able to find some bits in my lucky bag and do it for you)

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If all you're after is the outer section to pretty it up then I'll definitely have something around you can use! I'll have a look in about half an hour when I get back from work :)

Hello mate thank you very much!  yeah its just the outer piece that looks like someone has been at it with a screwdriver.  Anything you can help with would be great and obviously just let me know how much you want.  Thank you very much! Dan

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I won't have my lucky bag till weekend.

The trick is to slide the barrel out and then ease the trim off with no damage when sourcing the replacement.

(people rarely read posts properly)

Really appreciate all the help!  Im actually looking forward to getting the car complete and some pics up.  Ive had the manta 10 years.  its 1  owner exclusive 34k on the clock.  Its just that the lock was like this when i got it and its now a case of sorting this and replacing some annoying bits that broke when coming off the car for the respray!  thanks again

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