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1973 Opel Manta Sr, Tax Exempt, Cheap Insurance.


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1973 Opel Manta SR, 1900, 12 Months MOT & Tax Exempt. With regret I'm selling my pride and joy classic car due to lack of use and other interests. I bought this Manta in 2009 in need of repair then spent the next 3 summers repairing, renovating and upgrading parts to get it back on the road but since then I haven't really used the car and that's why it's up for sale. I've welded and replaced all bad metal including the rear arches, rear valance and rear bottom quarter panels as well as repaired rear inner and outer sills and front floor pans. I've also fitted new window rubbers on front and rear windows that cost over £200 from Germany plus reproduction door mirrors that cost over £100. I bought and fitted a full stainless steel exhaust system from front to back worth about £500 also I've Upgaded the the distributor to electronic ignition and done away with points but they are included with all the other spare parts if needed I've also fitted a K&N air filter for looks as well as better performance I've fitted an alloy head that came off an Opel GT from the same period because I think they look much better than the original steel type rocker box cover. also had a replacement gear box fitted that had only covered 34000 miles plus a brand new clutch. I've fitted a top quality retro looking pioneer CD stereo system and speakers plus an electric arial that gives it that little bit of cool factor plus I've fitted a remote sparkrite alarm system. Bad points are the paint on the roof of the manta has cracks in it but could easily put right, also the front windscreen rubber lets in water when it rains but never bothered me because I never used it in the rain and it's kept in dry storage also an easy fix. All in all this is an eye catching car that always gets good remarks when out and about. The Manta comes with lots of spare parts including 2 full sets of windows, a driver side door, a boot lid, a set of seats, lots of spare front and rear lights, a radiator and hoses, brand new starter motor plus many more bits an bobs that will be included in the sale. Just MOT'd with no advisories 07546198817 I'm in Liverpool. Sorry but I don't know how to put pics on of the car but somebody has put a link to it in the ebay ads/free stuff forum


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