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Twin Headlight Help


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I bought a pair of irschmer twin headlight casings without headlights.

I assumed it would come with the rear bracket that holds the lights in place.

Can these be bought or has anyone ever made something to do the job?

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Depends which headlight bezels you mean.

The old Irmscher hella are just a front that bolts to a steel frame with the lights in the later ones the light unit drops in from the front and bolts through the plastic

Irmscher Hella



The light unit


Bezels (with lights in the wrong way around)


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It's the early irschmer type I have that slot onto the metal frame.

Funny enough the second I seen your picture I had a flashback of making my own steel brackets for my previous build as they were rusted to dust.

I don't have that opportunity now as I don't have facilities to make them :/

Will have to buy I think..

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Has anyone ever tried using a different marque headlight setup?

Maybe reliant scimitar, bmw E30, Capri etc?

I also like the idea of putting a more modern headlight with xenons


I've got some capri ones and they don't fit at all. You could always cut and modify them if you wanted though...

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i tried bmw ones, they don't just fit ,after stripping it out from its own bracket and shaving all the notches etc off the sides after an hour or so i got one to slide in ....but still had no way to hold it in place , never finished it .

bought the more modern plastic ones instead 


i got bright bulbs for my head lights and a cheap HID kit for my full beams , its good enough . 

sorry i cant suggest a solution for the bracket 

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