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1988 Manta Gte Exclusive Coupe


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Looking to sell my exclusive coupe. It is Mot'd until September, runs well and is easily capable of regular use - which I'm not giving it. 


I bought this car locally and built it for use on historic road rallies, and after competing on two events I am moving onto another car as the Manta is too new for most events. The last owner had replaced the rear arches and repaired the sills, floors and inner wings. After this he gave the whole underside a thick coat of bitumen - not pretty, but it should protect the car. The swan necks haven't been done and don't appear to need doing yet, but being a Manta they will someday. I have replaced the rotten roof with a good rot free example and the doors, bootlid and wings are all good. It used to be Monaco blue but was white when I got it so It had another coat of Glacier white - not perfect, but very presentable. The interior is tidy though would take a good valet, but the drivers seat is actually a passengers one as it made the best pair I had. 


The car has been fitted with Corsa power steering, a Polo fan, Bilstein shocks, new drums, drilled discs, Vectra calipers, Engleman copy mirrors and an Irmscher steering wheel. I also fitted a hydraulic handbrake for the second event which is great fun but has been rarely used. I have a spare centre console should you wish to remove the hydraulic handbrake (original handbrake untouched). Otherwise, the car is standard and runs well - quiet, solid and stable at speed and it handles well. I suspect uprated springs would be of benefit as the front end can be a little crashy over bumps, but I have only driven one Manta so that may be typical. 


In short, a tidy and presentable Manta with plenty of scope to make it your own without destroying a rare car. It won't win you any prizes at Billing as it is, but you wouldn't be ashamed to use everyday, and hoon around at weekends enjoying it for what it is.


I'd like £2850 for it, and am in Dumfries in SW Scotland. You can either PM me or call 07717163232 to ask questions or arrange to view. 



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John, give me a call. Due to the new laws you would need to tax it yourself when you buy it but easily done online. Give me a call on 07717163232.



Thanks RapierDave - i don't think I'm being unfair with the price. 

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Ticks all the right boxes,solid straight genuine,and above all on the road,had I not committed to my manta I would of snaped this one up no question.

But that's the same old story,i quess what I,m trying to say is I like this car. :thumbup

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