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Hello And Advice :)


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Hey everyone ...

New here on the forums and could do with some advice ...

I'm a ford capri driver and have been for last 3 years ...

However recently I've become increasingly attracted to the opel manta A series.

Something about them really appeals to me ... Especially in black.

I've been eying up a real nice example for sale which I am very tempted to buy...

But not knowing much about mantas I was wondering if a trained eye may be able to assist me by looking at the link to the car......

The photos all

Look stunning ... But if my experience with capris has taught me anything .. You can never judge a car by immaculate photos lol ...

The seller sounds like a nice bloke and I've been in touch ... But I'm very skeptical of the mileage and the fact it's been restored and welded etc ...

You never know just how thorough a home welding job is and the last thing id want is for it to all break out from under the paint a few months down the line and discover that it's a bodge job.

Anyway I'll post the link to the advert ... And I'd be very greatful if anybody with manta experience and a keen eye could advise me on whether it looks like a good deal or a money pit :)


The seller did say she smokes a bit on start up ... And that there is a small oil leak.

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Welcome along, and well done for not being blinkered on Capri's that you cant see a better car that is the Manta. Think there is some discussion already on this car in the cars for sale section of the forum. It might be a members car I think.

Dont know so much about the A's, but good choice. Good luck with your search.

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Smoke on start up is probably valve stem oil seals, and Cam In Head engines have a habit of weeping a bit from the rocker cover seal. Obviously you need to give any car of that age a good look over, but it does seem to be a fairly good one. I suspect it's had a colour swap at some time as I don't think black was available on Mantas until the 75 model year.


Oh, must admit to quite fancying a Capri Laser one day, but don't tell any of this lot here. (I wouldn't sell the Manta A for one though).

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Yeah I'd definately like to go see it. But it's a bloody long drive for me as I'm down in Somerset.

I love the black and not too worried if it's not standard ....

Mainly worried about hidden rot and the high mileage .....

But the seller definately looks to have done a nice job....

And if your tempted by a capri I'd definately recommend going for it ... (You could always keep both lol)

Had my laser for 3 years and she's one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned .... But I do tend to baby it so nothing really gets chance to go wrong.,.

I was planning on keeping the capri for my daily driver and keeping the manta as a summer car in the garage if I were to buy it ....

But without going to see it and giving it a full inspection it's probably a bit risky ....

His restoration looks beautiful in the pictures .... But you never know with these old classics as they can hide a lot of issues under the surface....

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That would be awesome Wayne ... Thankyou so much for offering.

But sadly I'm working 12 hour shifts all bloody weekend :(

I think going by what I've seen recently the price is very fair for this car ... Provided that it's as good as it looks in the pictures and that it's not hiding a load of bad metal under its paint...

And given that it's been welded and resprayed I would be very skeptical and paranoid about it breaking out in rust a few months down the line ...

Just speaking from my experience with capri's ...

But as it said before ... It looks beautiful in the pictures and the owner looks to have done a stunning restoration...

If it's solid and as good as it looks in the pics ... Then it's certainly worth every penny of the asking price :)

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