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Twin Headlight Seal Rubber!


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First of all i apologise as i know I've posted before about it...


I was wondering if anyone had used anything else for the seal between each of the four lamps and the housing?  Im sure I've read people buying rubber from woolies and was wondering if so, which one seemed to work the best?


Many thanks!  â€¦â€¦really need this part!



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I emailed Keith today,,,


Its the rubber between the rim and the bodywork which they have,,, no the foam rubber between the lap unit and the rim  :(


You can imagine my disappointment!



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just take the lamp out and cut a piece of inner tube to suit and then leave a small overlap and glue together think i used evo stick  , i found it best when a stretched it a little as it was not tight enough when cut to size 

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