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That reg looks familiar,pretty sure it was owned by a club member from bala,and back then it was a black exclusive.

This could be one for volksdevil if hes still looking. :)

opel i400 was the club member I was thinking of, who used to own this in its pre 400r days :)

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Cheers for the comments :) It will be absolutely gutting to have to sell it! I've recently only just spent £4K on the air ride, and literally driven less than 100 miles in it since fitting it all. :( In fact I've just remembered that I bought Accuair I-Level as well (Basically control the air ride with phone/tablet etc)...Have every receipt for the £25K I've spent on it over the last 10 years.


But! I just can't get the Manta out of my head. If you haven't seen it, I've thrown a site together basically asking for help of any 400R's for sale at: http://www.opelmanta400.uk/ So any help is much appreciated!


Here's a couple of my fave pics of the Corrado...Hope you guys don't mind.









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I actually sold it for peanuts a few years back.

The guy that bought it parked it up with his collection of other cars and it's never been seen since.

Unfortunately I never did a build thread

Always regretted getting rid of it.

Guess that's why Im starting a new build.

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