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I have recently set up a profile as I am interested in buying a car to go with my other 2 classics and the advice here is great.

One question however, why can't non member post in the Cars Wanted section?

If I can find the right car I will join, but if I can't I won't. Also seems to be limiting for members who might be considering selling, feels more likely a non owner will what one rather than an existing member wanting a 2nd car.


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This discussion goes on here quite a lot and will never suite everyone.


It is mainly in the past we have had a few scammers and people using the forum to take advantage of long term club members who fund the site and magazines. and shows. Not everyone who wants information is in these categories but it is unfortunate that the club has gone this way to protect members and allow fully paid up members to have first refusals on items for sale etc.


Ken if you are after a car you could enter what you are after in this thread as a way to introduce yourself, are you after a basket case because you are fully experienced in ownership of classics, due you want a running no nonsense car that you can put on the road?


There are a lot of people on here who will be willing to help in your quest if you give them some information on what you want, but you need to tell us. Are you looking at an A, B, C model, coupe or hatchback, 1.3 - 2.4 litre a Manta/Ascona 400 or replica or many more variants that are available? People could always PM details if they can help.


At least you have put in the area you are from (Dorset) as most people don't even do that, and you have a few members in that area.


Good luck on your looking for a car and hope for you to become a member in the future.


Regards Rob

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