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Panhard And Powerflex Bush

Bernie Pudd

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I have bought a bush set for the rear axle and all have fitted well except for this one.  The powerflex bush code is PFR80-608 and the problem is getting the bush onto the bolt on the axle.


I have tried to upload photos but clearly tech is not my thing so I will try and explain.


The bolt on the axle has a sleeve on it with enough of the bolt remaining for the nut to tighten. With the old bush this fitted over this sleeve and all was fine.


With the powerflex bush the new inner sleeve of the bush will not go over the sleeve on the axle bolt, therefore I cannot get the bush and the rod sufficiently on to bolt up. Even if I take the inner sleeve off the bush(I would not want to do this) there is not enough of a hole in the new powerflex bush to go over the this sleeve on the axle nut. 


I hope that makes some sort of sense.  Apart from the "why did yo but powerflex" answers has anyone come accross this problem and know the answer or what they would do.  My only thought at the moment is to try and remove the sleeve from the bolt on the axle.


So close to getting this flippin axle ready to install!




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You should only need a sleeve on the body bolt side. The bit on the axel should be the right size for the bush to slide over with no sleeve.

See pick of poly bush set from Splendid parts in Germany. I've not used powerflex bushes as got mine Opel GT Source in the US and only had one sleeve for the body side with mine. I cant see your pic to see yours.





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