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Hi Guys

Not quite a manta owner, but a mk1 Cav owner.

Been a bit of a Vaux fan for a while now. In my younger years building a enjoying XE'd Corsa's and Nova's. But time came to grow up had a couple of kids and brought a house. But still having that itch, started to look for something along the lines of a manta. My mk1 cavalier came up on ebay at a incredibly cheep price so that had to do. 


Looking to do a 16v and 5 speed conversion soon (got majority of the engine all ready). Maybe some QED direct to head tb's and a LSD.


Cheers Guys Nick.

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Not got any good pics ATM. Will try and get some up tomorrow. The cavs a 1979 2L auto GL Saloon. Last but 1 owner was a museum who had it up on show for 12 years and the last owner used it for shows. I brought the car a little before Christmas but not had no time to get stuck in but did get her running today. Hopefully next few weeks shall be getting tax and tested.

Thanks for the warm welcome (I was a bit hesitant about joining being a Cav owner).

Cheers again Nick

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Simon P, I will try and remember because it will definitely will be going up for sale.


I should also mention I work at a engine remanufactures where we do all our own machining in house. So if anyone is in need of a head skim or rebore etc. and also most engine parts in the Leicester area I'm your man.

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So today I was planning on giving her a good wash and a bit of a mop but the heavens have opened. So on to parts sourcing. Looking to do 256mm brake conversion, have contacted mantasport about that. Would also want to freshen the rear up so looking for new shoes and cylinders. I've also ordered so 55mm drop springs I've read that mini rear shocks can be used on the front. Has anybody actually tried this with good results? Also looking at a set of E30 bbs wheels. Bit premature, already ordered the tyres from Demon Tweeeks 195/50 15 toyo proxys set of 4 for £135 delivered (bit of a bargain I thought). Keeping fingers crossed I have enough clearance.

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