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Rust Free Non Sunroof Coupe Project For Sale With All Parts To Finish


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Unfinished project for sale, just needs paint and assembly


For sale is a rust free Non sunroof coupe rolling shell with all panels, glass and trim, fuel tank, master cylinder/servo etc

The doors require slight attention and the boot lid had an exlusive spoiler at some point so has holes, all other panels are very good.


With this comes a C20xe Coilpack engine and 1.8 alloy sump, 1.8 gearbox, eng mounts, NEW  Clutch kit, NEW exhaust Manifold, NEW 2†Ashley Exhaust sytem (still wrapped), Power cap, Opel plug cover, Electric power steering kit, Full AVO damper and spring set, NEW Fiberglass radiator tray, NEW Remote alarm, Polo heater fan conversion, fuel pump, carpets, late chicago grey interior, dash, etc etc


Needs Painting and assembling plus a couple of small bits to finish off a really nice car build.

Requires front brakes, headlights, Headlining (old one for pattern available), front door cards, Wheels (comes with mismatched GT/e rims on old tyres) and I’m sure a few other small parts, but most of it is there.


As i said this is a rust free non sunroof coupe shell that I restored a few years ago, it is an early B shell so better steel. The nosecone has been replaced with a 4slot and a 5 speed tunnel top fitted

It was fully stripped and all rot/rust chopped out and replaced with new steel. Both chassis rails/ jacking points and floors were done, along with both sills, osr arch, lower back panel, spare wheel well, and a few other small bits.

The floor was taken to bare metal, treated with Bilt-Hambers Hydrate 80, then 2 layers of their Zinc rich primer painted on, followed by 2 layers of stonechip coating, plus cavity wax everywhere.

It looks as good now as it did then as it has been stored in a dry garage since the build.


For sale as unfortunately I will be closing my unit at the end of this month and the owner (a regular customer of mine) cannot build it himself.

So he is offering it for sale if someone else would like to take on the project. If it doesn't sell by the end of the month he will store it away for a future date.


The car is at my Unit in Harrogate, North Yorks pictures or more information available from me. Asking price is £4250 ono


If someone wants to buy the rolling shell the package could be split up, but the shell must be bought first before any parts would be sold.


A few pics from along the build, more when i take some this week

Nose cone removed back to seams


Replacement nose cone on and everything lined up 


This is from its build, floorpan to bare steel  


Treated and primed





More pictures to follow.

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i used to own this. tried really hard to get the plate transfered, it was going to be the base for my 400r,,

but the chassis number is missing and the org engine too. (so the plate can never come off the car) shame as its valued at £2000. bought it of clive opel2000. 

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