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More Master Cylinder Questions


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OK - guys, got my shiney new master cylinder from a european ebayer and it all looks good, except the fluid resevoir mounting holes are in a different position.  This means I'm going to need a new resevoir.  As you can see from the pics then new master cylinder has them spaced further apart.  Any idea what model resevoir I should be searching for?





I've included the ebay listing part numbers for reference



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I don't want to be the bringer of doom but I think I might be living the same nightmare myself.

Your master cylinder may be from a LHD car, on mine the mounting flange and diameter between the two stud holes are a different size. You might want to offer your new cylinder up to your servo and check they mate too

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Hmmm.  I actually have a left hand drive car :)

I was told it originally has a European master cylinder so I ordered one from Europe.  Has a different reservoir mount though.

I will double check the fitment to the booster asap, thx.

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Just measured it: European LHD Manta 9,5 cm. Doublechecked it when I read your post again.

I checked also my 400, has got an Até mastercilinder and the distance is obvius smaller but impossible to measure.

But your reservoir doesn't look Até.

You can always take two separate reservoirs (the round ones) to fix the problem.

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you just need a reservoir off a delco master cylinder from a b series early model.

just done all that and ended up buying a new master cylinder with reservoir from france for £65.00

contact mark kinnon he has a couple of old reservoirs he will sell I asked a while ago.

early ate is same though.

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Here are the differences for the two type of RHD ATE master cylinders fitted to Manta's & Cavaliers.


Early Type ATE master cylinder 1975 to 1977 approx




Early type ATE reservoir to fit above master cylinder




Later type ATE master cylinder 1977 onwards




Later type ATE reservoir to fit master cylinder above.




The main difference is the diameter of the holes in the master cylinders for the reservoir, the early type is smaller.


The later type are available here minus the reservoir.



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