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Ford Rs Show


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As said above there is a Ford rs show (sorry for saying Ford too much but it is nesasary). i know normally any other make especially Opel is not normally invited but this rs show is for rally based (rally sport) cars or intresting cars.


The event is in Cornwall,Waybridge on a campsite(i will get a post code closer to the time), the events will be on the 20th and 21st of June. on the 20th there is a drive in a convoy and more but i have never been on the saturday (i will try and get more info if anyone wants to know but do ask). On the Sunday there is the static show with a show and shine and generally admiring everyones cars.


I know that obviously there are going to be Fords there and somone i work with (who i think is a Cornwall rep and has a big part in this event) says that one of there members should be bringing his rs200 and rs1700t and i know from last year there are plenty of escort,sierra and saphire cosworths including normally at least one rs500. The subaru owners club is comming and more but again i will get more info. it would be good to see some Mantas Asconas and other Opels there and would be brilliant if we could get some 400s there.


The entry fee was £5 last year but we might get some discount but again i will find out more if anyone is intreasted.




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for me two issues with that one i don't have a manta on the road and two i have aready made plans for this show. i know it has been setup by the rsoc but as i said before all makes can come, they have re-named the show classic & performance southwest.


i only put it on here because i thought it would be good if somone could put up a good name for opel mantas/asconas.

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